WHY grapes?

Round, flavorful and succulent versus grains and potatoes. Is there really a choice?

Cooranbong is one of a very small group of vodkas made exclusively from grapes. And the only one crafted from a unique blend of grapes from the famed Barossa Valley wine region of Australia. Humans have been making wine for nearly 10,000 years for one reason. We wanted to tap into that rich history to produce a vodka for wine lovers. Australia produces some of the world’s finest wine grapes. Australian Shiraz grapes lend themselves nicely to the distillation process, leading to a vodka that has been described by critics as smooth, lush, silky, with a beautiful mouth feel and a fruit-forward finish.


Doesn’t that sound delicious?


Naturally gluten free, grapes don’t come with the baggage that wheat and other grains have—including a strong burn on the palette.

Combining age old wine making techniques with modern distillation practices we are able to craft a vodka that is distilled more than most—ten times—while still retaining the best flavors of the Shiraz grape.

Ten times distilled creates the perfect balance of purity, aroma and mouthfeel. Fewer distillations leave too much fruit and too many removes the Shiraz complexity. We think we’ve found the perfect balance of taste, feel and heat.


Round, flavorful and succulent versus grains and potatoes. Is there really a choice?


At Cooranbong Vodka, we have one simple goal: to produce a superior vodka distilled 10 times from nature’s finest premium red Australian grapes and pure water. The result is our incredibly smooth award-winning vodka. In order to achieve this delicious result requires passion for the craft and a mastery of the vodka distilling process. We partner with world-renowned master distillers who share our commitment and passion for excellence.