WHY AUstralia?

Australia brings together the perfect alchemy of sun, grapes and culture to produce a remarkable vodka.

We set out to really understand what makes Australia, Australia. We immersed ourselves in her culture, flora and fauna. After many adventures, and some trial, and error we had our recipe.

Our bottle and name are inspired by Aboriginal art and language. Cooranbong means water over rocks in the Aborigine dialect. Our bottle design is heavily influenced by the style and symbolism found in much of their art.

Australia itself is very unique, offering a very different and distinctive flavor to our vodka. Cooranbong has a nuanced difference from other European and American spirits. Cooranbong is one of the few vodkas to hail from a warm climate. Australian soil is older, and more sun exposed than European and the Americas’ soil. Lastly Barossa Valley is much warmer than most wine producing regions, meaning the grapes ripen faster with more sugar content and lower acid levels making them perfect for distillation.

These special conditions combined produce a distinctive vodka taste, character and complexity.


Pure Australian ingredients is what makes us Premium


We start by selecting only premium red grapes grown in the Barossa Valley, one of the most famed wine-growing regions in the world. Next, we utilize a state-of-the-art column distillation process that filters the grapes and artisanal water 10 times through a column distillation process with charcoal filters. Unlike many other mass-produced vodkas, our 10 times distillation process takes extra time and effort to produce what is often called the “heart” of the spirit.  No impurities, just a deliciously smooth and pure vodka.